Quick Time component is missing in iMovie Mac OS X or where the hell is Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC)? Fixed!

Red line is short Fix

I have reinstalled my MacBook, and then it happened. Opening the iMovie popped up the message, that the QuickTime component is missing. Well, that was pretty informative, so googling around helped pretty much. That missing component was AppleIntermediateCodec.component. But I have solved the problem.

Reinstalling Mac OS X is fine but can be awful bore, if you do not have Time Machine. Returning to the previous state doesn’t do the trick if you want reinstall (nice and clean) OS. So, I restored just setting for users, home folders and some applications. And that was the problem, I guess. That QT component was not among them.

Googling helped to locate folder where the component should be (/Library/QuickTime/). So, from TimeMachine I restored”/Library/QuickTime/AppleIntermediateCodec.component” and it worked. Problem solved!

Of course, this can be just one solution and it would be better reinstall original iMovie using original iLife’08 DVD, but that is now somewhat not possible for me.

Another point is that Apple’s Time Machine is simply backup program and as that it does not keep track of what goes with what. I guess that would be more complicated that simple backup utility.

Anyway, backing up is really good idea and strongly suggest to use it. Maybe not everyday, but once a week to keep it there for a while (if many changes were generated) is worth it.

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