Homemade super secure document shredder for few euros (dollars)

Recently I have read some interesting post about unshredding i.e. reconstruction of shredded documents. Basically there is some possibility to reconstruct documents that were shredded into the strips of paper. The smaller number of documents shredded increase chances for fast document reconstruction. Some nice short post about can be found on slate.com (opens new window). In short it can be said that the smaller pieces we get after shredding the better for security. But better shredder cost more money. How to shred for few euros (dollars)?

The answer is very simple. In almost every household you can find quite useful kitchen mixer. For example like this mine one.



Yes yes, this mixer is the answer for a homemade shredder. Just tore the papers and documents for smaller pieces and feed them into  mixer. Important is to add some WATER. The paper mixed with water become something like cream that can be thrown away. This way the cellulose is transformed into the paper.  I tried it with some ATM notes and bills from shop and the result is incredible. I would say that this is 100 % document reconstruction proof. It is of course just my guess.

For companies this is probably small solution (if used in lager scale there are some issues…), but for home use it is perfectly fine.

And most important: THINK BEFORE USE. This is just idea and what works for one person need not work for you. Follow the instructions of your mixer if you decide to try it.

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